Summer School Registration

Summer School Registration
Posted on 04/05/2023
Summer School
Summer school is right around the corner and students are now able to register for courses.

There are TWO formats for summer school courses.  Please read the descriptions carefully so that your child chooses the format that best suits their learning needs.

All courses in both formats will be ONLINE. 

remote learning
These courses will be delivered both Synchronously and Asynchronously.  This means that students will have daily live classes from their teacher and students are expected to attend.  There will be time to complete their work independently throughout the day.

Sign up for Remote (Virtual) Summer School using the Google Form

These courses will be delivered Asynchronously ONLY.  This means that students will be working INDEPENDENTLY on all course work.  These courses offer flexibility in terms of when you do your coursework each day.  However, this requires students to be self-disciplined and organized. To view a list of the courses offered through SMCDSB, please click on this eLearning Courses link.

Sign up for ELearning Summer School using the Google Form 

These courses will be offered as an opportunity to review and strengthen key learning and to improve your grade. You must have taken and passed this course in the 2022-2023 school year.  The mark upgrade is dependent on the work completed. These courses are a combination of synchronous and asynchronous work. This means that there will be blocks of time when students will be working on their own.

Sign up for Remote (Virutal) Credit Upgrade using the Google Form.