Summer School Registration

Summer School Registration
Posted on 03/27/2024
It's time to start thinking about summer school!

Registration will begin on Tuesday, April 2nd for summer eLearning, virtual and credit upgrade courses.

Please see the information below and register using the appropriate online form.

Online (eLearning) Summer School **Asynchronous
Online (eLearning) courses offer flexibility in terms of when, where and how long you study. eLearning courses are as rigorous as their classroom based counterparts and this requires students to be self-disciplined and organized. For many, online learning is the ideal solution to a unique learning experience and personal development in a busy schedule balancing family, work and personal interests. Students work independently.

Register online with the eLearning Registration Form

Remote (Virtual) Summer School **Synchronous
Remote learning virtual education courses are as close as we can get to being face-to-face classes while maintaining the flexibility of a virtual class environment. Remote Learning (virtual) courses are as rigorous as their classroom based counterparts and have the benefit of having a teacher to connect with for support and through their live (synchronous) teaching while maintaining some flexibility in timing (through asynchronous learning).

Register online with the Remote Summer School Registration Form

Credit Upgrade Summer School
Credit upgrade  courses are offered as an opportunity to review and strengthen key learning and to improve your grade. You must have taken this course in the 2023-2024 school year.  Credit upgrade  courses will be offered from July 1st to July 12th and July 15th to 26th and will address key course concepts and overall expectations. All credit upgrade  courses will be offered online only. 

Register online with the Credit Upgrade Registration Form