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Message From the Principal
Published on Sep 5, 2017 18:16

Hello everyone!

We had a very successful and exciting first day of school. Students are back in their classes, reunited with their friends, and meeting many new people including four new teachers! 

Last week I sent out a reminder to parents about pick up and drop off in the back parking lot, but unfortunately not everyone received it. So I thought I'd better send it out again, only this time with the front parking lot pick up/drop off procedures as well. My apologies to those of you who did not receive the original e-mail.

To reduce risk of fender benders, minimize delay, and ensure staff and student safety, we ask that you observe the following procedure (see diagram):

- enter the lot and make a left turn
- proceed west, keeping to the right, until you reach the end of the parking spaces
- let your passenger(s) out (or pick them up) so they can use the sidewalk rather than cut across the lot
- complete a u-turn and head east back to the entrance
- turn right and exit

Please do not enter the lot and turn to the right to drop off in front of the exit doors, or drive into the staff parking area. There is little to no room to turn around, and we end up with traffic jams and safety risks. 

Rear lot map

 For the front lot, we ask that you observe the following procedures:

- enter lot from Melbourne Dr. and proceed west until you reach the end of the lot.
- loop left around the boulevard and proceed east to the designated drop off/pick up area
- after drop off/pick up, follow the driveway back out to Melbourne Dr. exit
- for safety and traffic flow, please do not enter the bus loading/unloading zone in the morning or after school
- if you are picking up at the end of the day and have to wait for your passenger, please don't sit and idle in the Drop Off/Pick Up area as this causes backups that block the buses. Instead, circle around the parking lot until your passenger arrives.

Front Parking Lot Map

Following these procedures will ensure that our students and staff are safe, and that traffic moves efficiently so that there are fewer delays.

Many thanks for your cooperation and God bless,

Brian McKenzie, Principal